Why Ishtar's Drum

Ishtar's lion

In 1984 this song came to me- It returned in 2015 and then called me to set up this website ...

Lets see where it goes

My heart it beats with the sound of a thousand drums

My soul it sings with the sound of those thousand drums

the voices call and i must run

the time for action names us one

together we must celebrate the ultimate patriarchal fate

that is must crumble and it must die

and from it's ashes the Phoenix rise

the pheonix spreads her rainbow coloured wings

and from the distance i hear those old drums sing

the voices lost that shall return

the children of Aradia

Knowledge lost that we shall share with love that lift our hearts to hear

The drums of Ishtars shall return to sound the songs of the centuries turn

but who shall know that Phoenix shape that rises with nuclear distaste

Susanne R Jones 1984

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