Ways we could work together


I offer a range of support and guidance processes. I hold space for some of life's more challenging situations.


I am a holistic counsellor with skills in meditation teaching and mentoring. I have many years of experience counselling as an online counsellor, teacher and registered nurse.

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Some ideas about ways I could help you are
• Feel confident in a new role
• Establish a regular meditation practise
• Support navigating a challenging life event
• Support for meditation teaching
• Managing emerging psychic awareness
• Support creating a new life direction
• End of life support and funeral planning
• Advanced life directives

If you think we can work together send me an email and we can make a plan.

 I offer sessions on a sliding scale – I invite you to pay the amount you feel comfortable with - starts at $60 per hour.

As an end of life consultant, I bring a depth of wisdom from both professional and personal experience working with death and grief. I love seeing people emerge into themselves.

I also offer mentoring as Magical and Energetic support for your life, business, teaching and career. This could look like: Three x 60 minute weekly sessions to target a specific goal. A12 week program with specific goals. You set the goals I provide the support. 12 x 60 minute weekly sessions
5 places in 7 month magical mentorship. 7 x 60 minute monthly sessions (I must already know you to select this option).


Application form for mentoring  Available: In Person at TMS and via Zoom

Rituals for significant events
Rituals for significant events

Guest speaker, Naming Ceremonies, Blessings, Memorials, Funerals,

Meditation Sessions
Meditation Sessions

Personalised sessions in person and online

Life Direction Guidance
Life Direction Guidance

What's holding you back from being the best expression of yourself? Lets talk. Online or in person -1, 5 or 10 sessions.

End of Life Support
End of Life Support

Are you or someone close to you dying? Need support with how to approach end of life? Where to begin the conversation? SusanneRae has years of experience supporting people at end of life.